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MTR Technology

MTR MTR AMIPro technology integrated in Smart Grid solutions & products make them perfectly suited to meet the management & control needs of tomorrow’s utility grids. At the heart of MTR AMIPro technology is our  two-way RF wireless transceiver. This enabling technology allows the systems Base Station Units [BSUs] to manage two-way wireless communications between a Local Area Network [LAN] of an almost unlimited number of Remote Terminal Units [RTUs] and a Utilities Administrative, management and control, center.


Data Transmission

Data transmission is performed by:

  • wireless via MTR AMIPro two-way 150MHz to 950MHz wireless technology.
  • or wirelessly via an 868MHz Wireless M-Bus that conforms to OMS (Open Metering System) standards,
  • or via cable and either M-Bus or Modbus technology using RS232, RS485 or USB connectors.

Transmitted data can be secured using 128-bit AES encryption. Data can also be accessed by the customer via a LAN and gateway.

MTR Smart Grid technology delivers an unequaled Link Budget, better than 150dB, providing extended range benefits and superior system cost benefit ratios.

Two way wireless communications with each individual CEP of a utilities distribution grid, enables a Utility to collect, analyze and react to current operational data in real time using MTR Smart Net Software applications.

Built in system redundancy makes 100% grid coverage a reality:

  • BSU/RTU communication pathway includes 3 alternative options

  • Each BSU/RTU set to act as a repeater

MTR Wireless Transceiver

The Narrowband and Wideband Transceiver integrated in both MTR Remote Terminal Units [RTUs] and Base Station Units [BSUs] represents MTR's  technological base delivering half duplex wireless communication to Smart Grid applications.

Narrowband and Wideband Transceiver Schematic


Regulation Compliance

For more details please contact MTR Wireless Communications Ltd.

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