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MTR Technology

Many factors contribute to building the optimal Smart Grid communications solution, including cell size, antenna placement/height/beam width/diversity and topological considerations for different terrains. The Physical Layer (PHY) electronics is a key part of the puzzle whose function is to convert the RF signals to digital “bits” and vice versa. In doing so, it is challenged with overcoming distortions caused by external effects such as multipath, signal attenuation and Doppler effects, as well as internal RF radio impairments.

We believe that, only a single-carrier technology with specific NLOS features can deliver the price point that will make Fixed High Performance Narrow Band Wireless Access competitive with other access methods. MTR’s AmiPro couples these technologies with a low-cost single-chip RF front-end, to deliver robust performance that meets and exceeds the stringent NLOS requirements as well as the CEP [Consumer End Point] cost objectives of multi-cell wireless access networks.

MTR multi-application connectivity and patented IP enables:

  • Increased data sensing capability

  • Data processing at source

  • Reverse flow detection & monitoring

Regulation Compliance

For more details please contact MTR Wireless Communications Ltd.

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