Remote Terminal Unit [RTI] - Integrated in Meter Register

The RTI communications unit and digital register is housed in a robust water proof enclosure, factory pre-wired and pre-programmed for fast and easy field installation.

State of the art, no wires, no mechanical components, totally enclosed secure unit. The heart of the Smart Grid, enabling centralized monitoring, management command & control of every end point in a grid.

"Last-Mile" two-way RF communication with every end point in a grid

MTR-RTI Inside a Typical METER  
  • Real time clock synchronization

  • Demand response

  • Personal consumer profile

  • Ability to balance supply & demand

  • Interval read control

  • +12 year battery life

  •  NLOS 1.5km/LOS +10km range

          Automatic connection to the LAN Base Station.

          Integrated data logger.

          Battery life of 12 years in normal service,

          Patented counting & reckoning technology

MTR Telemetering INSIDE      


  • Current Read [up to 0.01 Lt]

  • Current Flow rate [Lt/Hr]

  • Date/Time

  • Previous day consumption

  • Last month Consumption

  • Backflow/reverse consumption

  • Max daily consumption last month

  • Max flow rate last month           



  • Suspected Leak

  • Abnormal flow rate

  • Out of level meter

  • Physical tamper or breakdown of meter

  • Magnetic tamper

  • Backflow

  • No consumption

  • No communication

  • Low battery

Download Data Sheet RTI  

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