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About MTR

MTR leads the development of "Last-Mile" meter communications systems setting the standard for Smart Grid reading and control of utility networks.

MTR Smart Grid Wireless Systems connect a public or private utilities remotely located Administrative [command, control and management] Center  – to each & every Client End Point [CEP] – water/gas/electrical meters and multi type sensors etc' in the grid  enabling two-way communication with each individual CEP.

Two way wireless communications with each individual CEP of a utilities distribution grid, enables a Utilities administrative center, using MTR SmartNet© Software applications, to collect, analyze and react to current operational data in real time.

Our Mission

To deliver the most cost effective and robust "Last-Mile" two way data communication Smart Grid solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimizing water, gas & power utility distribution grids.

Company Profile

MTR AMIPro technology delivers an overall Smart Grid solution that integrates all approaches and is already perfectly suited for tomorrow’s energy mix. In a nutshell: an intelligent and smart infrastructure offering increased observability and controllability, fault protection and analysis, and a flexible and proactively operating infrastructure.


MTR Smart Grid solutions deliver unequaled cost benefit ratios due to:

  • The skeletal nature of the system infrastructure

  • performance of the communications protocol

  • the extended range of MTR wireless transceiver technology.

  • low power consumption of MTR RTU enabling 20 year battery life for water & gas applications.




Shlomo Izicovich
Founder, Chairman & CTO
Mobil: +972 (0)54 5204686




Shaul Rotem
Chair of the Advisory Board
Mobil: +972 (0)50 6816750

  Erez Ben Enosh
Founder & CEO

Mobil: +972 (0)52 8981964
      Jack Reardon
V.P Business Development
Mobile: +972 (0)52 5138844
e.mail: Jack@mtrcom.com
  Theodore Welt
Intl. Accounts Exec
Mobile: +972 (0)54 7897131
Skype ID: theowelt

      Moshe Rozensal
Operations Manager
Mobile: +972 (0)52 2550818
e.mail: Moshe@mtrcom.com 

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