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About MTR

MTR MTR Wireless Communications Ltd [MTR] is an Israeli private technology company founded in 2009. Today MTR is a leading provider of water, gas & electric utility Smart Grid technologies, based on stand alone & embedded two-way RF communication solutions. The company concentrates on developing technologies, production engineering and marketing, while high volume production is carried out by subcontractors. The company is now extending itís reach to gas and electric power projects and agricultural applications.

MTR has released the latest generation of their AMIProô technology, offering solutions based on Smart Metering technologies, for total management of water, gas and electricity consumption, with revolution for utilities in automated readings and errorless data, theft loss reduction, billing efficiency and cash flow improvement, online usage control, multi- tariff structure and supporting service of high level real time data display for consumer.

As of 2014 MTR is well established in itís home Israeli water utility and agricultural market, has established a presence in the EU agricultural market and is servicing export markets in EU, Mexico, India & Russia. MTR continues to extend itís global reach with the appointment of VARs and Distributors in target markets. 

MTR AMIProô technology is a mature technology with a number of water industry installations running over complicated grid infrastructures and we are now extending this into the Gas and Eclectic utility markets.

Our Mission

To deliver the most cost effective and robust "Last-Mile" two way data communication Smart Grid solutions for monitoring, controlling and optimizing water, gas & power utility distribution grids.

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